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Therapy Education & Resources

Therapy Education & Resources

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Physical Therapy Info | Educational Treatment Resources

Education is a huge part of physical therapy; it is key to understanding “what is going on”, “what caused it” and “what can YOU do to avoid it from coming back”.

IMG_7150Your Education Tools

1) Questions….

Ask lots of them. The more know you know about what is going on, the better you will be at controlling it.

2) Home Exercise Program

Following your home program is essential in obtaining a faster result as well as obtaining a long, lasting one.

3) Try Our Pain Locator!

Click on the Pain Locator to find out more about the body part and its associated injuries.

Pain Locator

Head (Headache) Head (Headache) Neck Pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Shoulder Pain Elbow Pain Elbow Pain Elbow Pain Elbow Pain Hand and Wrist Pain Hand and Wrist Pain Hand and Wrist Pain Hand and Wrist Pain Mid-back Pain Lower Back Pain Buttock Pain Hip Pain Back of Leg (Hamstring) Pain Knee Pain Knee Pain Shin Pain Ankle and Foot Pain Ankle and Foot Pain

4) Try our Education/News Library

Click on the area you are having pain or a topic of interest to lean more:

5) Try our Pain or Symptom Search Tool

What type of pain are you having?
Enter in the pain you are having and find associated articles and videos:

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