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McCall Physical Therapy was opened in 2012 in an effort to help to bring quality healthcare to rural areas. Tara Osborne DPT, PRC has a specialty in “Postural Restoration” which has proven highly effective in handling chronic pain as well as other common pain syndromes. They offer a wide variety of services and have a way for everyone to receive great care. {Read More Here}

At McCall Physical Therapy our mission is to restore every patient to a maximum level of health and function so that they not only can enjoy a very active lifestyle, but can also avoid future re-injury. We also passionately believe that patient’s should have a great experience! Physical therapy should be fun and educational. Our patient’s come in as strangers and leave friends!

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It’s Your Choice!!

You can choose your provider...

Whether you independently choose to attend physical therapy or if your physician recommends it, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY PROVIDER. All you have to do is tell your physician which physical therapy provider you wish to see.

Ask them to refer you to McCall Physical Therapy!

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Did you know we have a 24/Hour Wellness Gym??? We can help you alleviate pain, but we also have multiple fitness programs that help promote better health and wellness!

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>> Everyone Deserves Great Care

>> Specialty Insurances Accepted

>> We Offer Payment Plans

Our goal is to make PT affordable for everyone. We will work with you any way we can.

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